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About RTI

A proven track record in Intelligent Transportation Systems...

Renaissance Technologies, Inc. (RTI) developed its first temporary Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) in 1999 for a 2-year deployment on a reconstruction project for the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

With continued development of new ITS software and integration of new technologies, RTI soon becamse recognized as one of the nation's leading suppliers of work zone ITS solutions.

RTI’s award-winning ITS system has been used successfully in a variety of work zones in multiple states to control a full range of portable roadside devices and provide up-to-the minute traffic advisories to motorists.

RTI's system enables management of equipment from multiple manufacturers from a single integrated system, with fast, real-time delivery of advisory information to motorists via roadside message boards, cell phones, pagers, PDAs, radios, e-mail and the Internet. 

The core software, TrafAlert, enables easy, automated management of a wide and varied range of cameras, CMS, HARs, HAR alert signs and sensors.  Incorporating the latest developments in technology, the TrafAlert enables seamless communication to and from the control center using any communications medium.  Vital traffic information can be accessed remotely and generated instantly to any private or public system.

Every RTI installation is customized with the hardware and software components to meet stringest specifications and provide maximum cost-effectiveness.

RTI’s experienced management team has worked in the transportation (ITS) industry since 1989.  Together, team members have been involved in more than 1300 ITS-related projects, with strong backgrounds in public (state government) service, private-sector ITS equipment manufacturing, software design, wireless communications, systems integration, highway equipment rental, transportation consulting and training, electronics and civil engineering.  No other team offers the combination of well-rounded, industry-specific experience.

For a full demonstration of an RTI Work Zone, visit http://www.trafalert.com.

Mission Statement

To enable our customers to improve work zone safety and traveler mobility through the innovative use of technology

Rely on RTI...

RTI has a proven track record in providing flexible, cost-effective solutions for:
  • Work zone traffic management;
  • Incident management;
  • Traveler information and advisory systems;
  • Automated real-time traffic management;
  • Surveillance and traffic monitoring systems;
  • Variable speed limit management;
  • Dynamic lane merge systems;
  • Alternate route advisories;
  • Wrong-way vehicle detection and alarms;
  • Fleet asset sign control, location and inventory tracking.