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Systems Integration Specialists

Renaissance Technologies takes devices that may not have been intended to work together and makes an integrated system of them.  Systems Integration Specialists are the ones who perform these "feats of magic".

Are you a puzzle solver?  Are you one who finds the need to know what makes things tick irresistible?  Are you undaunted by things that don't work when first built?  Can you think under pressure and focus through distractions?  Do you thirst for knowledge?  Are you a persistent troubleshooter that never gives up on a problem until it is solved?  Are you known for being among the best at what you do---at being the one who can provide answers that others can't and who can solve problems others don't.

If so, then a career with Renaissance Technologies may be for you.  The people of RTI take immense pride in doing what others don't.  

Renaissance Technologies is looking for Systems Integration Specialists in the software, telecommunications/networking and hardware/electronics areas.  Positions are currently open for full-time W-2 employees in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Some off-site contract work may also be available.

Software specialists are responsible for the software portion of an integration task, handling software development at any level required by the task from low level embedded to high level workstation.  It requires the ability to develop in multiple languages on different platforms, to be able to develop robust applications in a real time setting and a variety of device intercommunications methods.

Telecommunications/networking specialists provide the intercommunications that "glue" different devices together.  This requires the ability to specify, design, setup and troubleshoot nearly any type communications transport and protocol, wired and wireless, together with the ability to consult with and advise the software and hardware specialists in building the communications endpoints, and to work with various types of network providers to secure and maintain required telecommunications services.

Hardware/electronic specialists are responsible for specification, design, construction and testing of hardware, electrical and electronic components and circuitry as required by the integration task.  Integration may require modification of existing devices or building of brand new "adapter" devices.  

The work in the above areas is typically performed in close coordination, one with the other, in completing the integration task.  Those who have experience and the ability to work in all three areas are at an advantage.

Currently, RTI is looking for specialists with some experience or who could work in the following industry fields: Medical, Security, Law Enforcement, Avionics, Transportation and Telematics.

If you qualify and are interested, contact RTI Careers.