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Integrated Systems

Innovative Solutions With a Cutting Edge

Integrated systems from RTI provide flexible solutions for work zone traffic management and surveillance.

By combining the right components and software, RTI can customize a system that is specifically oriented to the requirements and needs of your work project.  RTI is able to take any or all of the following components and put them together in a cost effective and easy to use package:

  • Highway Signage 
  • Advisory Equipment
  • Traffic Detection and Measurement Devices
  • Cameras
  • GPS 
  • Asset tracking tools
  • Integrated Control Center Software
  • Internet Enabled Remote Control Applications
  • Communications Services and Packages


Integrated Systems

ARTCS - Automated Real-Time Traffic Control Systems

ATIS - Automated Traffic Informatiom Systems

ATMS - Automated Traffic Management Systems

AWIS - Automated Work Zone Information Systems

DLMS - Dynamic Lane Merge Systems

ITMS - Intelligent Traffic Management Systems

PCMS - PCMS Tracking and Control Systems

PTMS - Portable Traffic Management Systems

RTTCS - Real-Time Traffic Control Systems

RTTMS - Real-Time Traffic Management Systems

SWZ - Smart Work Zones

TAS - Traffic Advisory Systems

VSL - Variable Speed Limit Systems

VSMS - Vehicular Speed Monitoring Systems

WZTMS - Work Zone Traffic Management Systems