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Changeable Message Signs

Keep Motorists Advised
RTI's portable changeable message signs are controlled by TrafAlertTM, our software package, which integrates all major manufacturers, including ADDCO, AMSIG, Precision Solar, Solar Tech, Ver-Mac and Wanco.
All portable changeable message signs are heavy duty and meet the following minimum specifications:
  • 3-line/8-character or full matrix display
  • Visible from at least 1000 feet                                                                                    
  • Solar recharged with deep cycle battery power
  • NTCIP-compatible communications
  • Wireless enabled communications and trailer mounts for portability
  • Minimum of 4 corner-mount outrigger jacks for stability
  • GPS enabled location control and monitoring
  • Remote voltage and current monitoring from onboard power sensing electronics
RTI also can integrate and control existing PCMSs that meet TrafAlertTM communications protocols.
TrafAlertTM compatible PCMSs can be purchased or leased from RTI.