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Highway Advisory Radios

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Increase Motorist Awareness Quickly With Radio Broadcasting
Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) provides extended traffic information broadcasted directly to an AM radio frequency. Flashing beacons notify motorists to turn their radios in for updated traffic condition advisories.
RTI’s HARs are easy to set up and come complete with:
● Ten-watt AM radio transmitter with up to seven mile range
● FCC license included
● Up to 500 prerecorded messages
● Programmable for weather broadcasts
● Messages can be combined into playlists for flexibility
● Pager activated beacons can use any phone
● Optional two way wireless software control for positive remote status feedback
● Fully portable
● Can be towed with lightweight pickup truck
● Solar powered with deep cycle battery backup
● Integrates with RTI’s TrafAlertTM software as part of an optional automated traffic
  advisory system