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Portable Cameras

Capture High Definition Video From Almost Anywhere

Katrina Cam
The Katrina Cam earned its name and reputation for its invaluable service while deployed in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.  
Rugged, but lightweight, the fixed view portable is applicable for a wide range of uses.  It has been hard at work in work zones across the country since 1999.
When teamed with the optional Queue Detector and SmartCam software, this versatile camera can provide additional monitoring power for queue verification and traffic surveillance systems.
Site Cam
The megapixel SiteCam is ideal for capturing a continuous video record of a construction project.  Images can be viewed over the internet using RTI's Video Vault or compiled into a time lapse video. 
Cameras can be deployed on solar powered trailers for off grid use or can be mounted on a pole, a wall or a parapet.  After installation, the SiteCam can start capturing video within minutes. 
SmartCam PTZ
For full featured traffic surveillance anywhere, anytime, the portable, solar powered SmartCamPTZ features full pan tilt zoom controls.  Set up is quick and repositioning is a breeze.
When outfitted with the optional onboard generator, the unit can operate in low light and sunless environments for extended periods.
For combined traffic surveillance, montioring and queue detection, select a unit with the traffic sensing radar and SmartCam software.
All cameras are equipped with wireless communications and can be integrated with the TrafAlertTM traffic management and control system.