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Portable Fixed View

Portable Fixed View Camera:  The Katrina

The Katrina Cam earned its name and its reputation for its invaluable service during Hurricane Katrina. 

Rugged, but lightweight, the portable camera is ideal for a wide range of installations.

  • SiteCam wireless camera head mounted on trailer mast
  • 120-Watt solar array for unpowered project sites
  • Deep-cycle storage batteries that can provide up to 30 days' sunless power
  • Rugged welded frame
  • Telescoping 30-foot camera mast with hand crank
  • 360° mast rotation to facilitate aiming
  • Collapsible, foldable mast for ease of travel
  • Outrigger leveling jacks for platform stability
  • Deployable in minutes
  • Ideal for job sites without electrical power or existing mounting structures
  • Under 2000 pounds, towable with light-duty pickup

The Katrina is available for sale or lease. Contact RTI for a quote.

View Katrina Images.