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Site Cam

SiteCam:  Rugged, Fixed High-Definition Outdoor Camera

RTI features "SiteCam," a high-resolution, fixed-view, self-contained, outdoor, professional grade camera that is ideal for capturing a historical video record of your project.
SiteCam is the result of years of development and testing in harsh environments: sub-freezing snow and ice, desert heat, mid-west tornados and Florida humidity.
The portable, trailer-mounted, solar-powered model, now named "The Katrina," survived and operated through the 2005 hurricane and power outage to provide some of the only images of New Orleans available to Louisiana public safety and emergency management officials.
Available in resolutions starting at 3 megapixels, each 2096 by 1028 pixel image offers over 20 times the resolution of a conventional "webcam."  The images contain sufficient detail for close-ups of your project without requiring mechanical pan-tilt-zoom mechanism.
Each camera ships in a rugged outdoor weatherproof enclosure pre-configured to capture and store your project images automatically on the supplied remote image storage server as soon you power it on.
Simply mount the camera, aim it, and plug it in. 

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Site Cam HD

Quick and Simple
With this fixed, high resolution, wireless camera, you can start capture detailed high-quality images from your construction site within minutes.
Simply mount it and plug it in.  Operation is automatic.  RTI takes care of all the details.
View images on the Internet with the secure "Video Vault" application.  

Order today and start watching your project site remotely in no time.

About Site Cam

SiteCam is designed for capturing highly detail images:
  • High resolution (3 megapixels and up) for image detail
  • High quality wide angle lens that captures extended field of view
  • Digital pan, tilt and 10x zoom
  • Fixed view for compiling post project time lapse video
  • Wireless connection throughout the US via Sprint, AT&T and Verizon
  • Rugged outdoor enclosure
  • Battery backed 120-Watt power supply with nine hour capacity and 50 foot low voltage camera power cable
  • Wall mounting arm and bracket (pole mount option available)
  • Preconfigured settings for 15 minute image capture
  • Secure remote storage of internet images with Video Vault viewer
  • Digitally signed, tamper proof, time and date stamped images
  • Access to stored Video Vault images by date and time
  • Access from any remote location via standard web browser or mobile web device
  • High reliability electronics
  • Image compression for low bandwidth mobile internet connectivity
  • Optional security surveillance image recording
  • Purchase, rental and rent-to-buy options