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Queue Detectors

Monitor Traffic Accurately with RTI Queue Detectors
Queue detectors feature ease of deployment, accuracy of operation and all season reliability.
RTI Portable Queue Detectors
  • Use microwave radar not obscured in low visibility conditions
  • Provide accuracy within 5% of true vehicle speed
  • Count each vehicle and report speeds from 0 to 99 MPH
  • Simultaneously monitor up to twelve lanes of traffic
  • Use speed and volume density readings to detect queuing of traffic
  • Can be polled for operational status
  • Operate wirelessly, with solar power for off grid operation
  • Uses compact platforms for space limited locations
  • Are heavy duty and can be towed with a pickup
  • Sets up in minutes
  • Can operate with data accessible through the internet, or as a detection element in RTI's automated TrafAlertTM system


Use queue detectors for:

  • Traffic monitoring

  • Incident detection

  • Traveler information