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Smart Cam

SmartCam Software - Remote Control Viewing with a Major Advantage
RTI combines the best in remote camera control with traffic sensor data collection to provide a powerful traffic monitoring tool with its SmartCam software. Regardless of the complexity of the project, this program is ideal for stand-alone monitoring and data information capture.
Wherever there’s a need to monitor traffic closely or gather information on current traffic patterns, SmartCam installs quickly and presents the information on easy-to-use screens accessible on a network computer or over the internet.
SmartCam is programmed to capture high resolution images for viewing, printing and archiving. Its full, pan-tilt-zoom controls allows an operator to aim the cameras directly from any console. SmartCam’s addition of precise data from one or more traffic detectors, allows for the clearest picture of traffic possible. Data and images can be integrated directly into any existing traffic control or work zone management system.