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TrafAlert Software for Smart Work Zones = Power, Performance, Precision.

As an interactive advanced warning system for highway alerts, TrafAlert software manages all devices needed to monitor traffic and provide motorist advisories on highways and construction zones.
A comprehensive set of user friendly tools allows you to establish preset warnings and speed limit displays, monitor ongoing traffic patterns and update advisory messages remotely to provide motorists with real-time information on traffic conditions.  Easy-to-use and easy-to-customize graphic displays of traffic data, camera images and current advisory messages provide system operators with accurate, at-a-glance information.
Unique built-in algorithms, customized to each highway zone, are designed for automated measurement of and response to changing traffic patterns.  Automated generation of messages (signs, radios, beacons) and a host of time saving user defined scheduling and override options allow for fast, flexible management of the work zone at all times.
TrafAlert provides single-source access to all roadside devices:
  • Vehicle detection radar units and cell phone probes
  • Portable, changeable message signs
  • Variable speed limit signs
  • Closed-circuit TV cameras
  • Highway advisory radios
  • Radio alert beacons
All TrafAlert information is fully integrated for protected access from a main control center, multiple remote sites, private or public internet sites and internet capable cell phones or PDAs.  All data and system activities are logged for reliable system tracking, flexible management reporting and maximum accountability.

TrafAlert is the hard-working engine behind RTI's integrated systems:
ARTCS - Automated Real-Time Traffic Control Systems

ATIS - Automated Traffic Information Systems

ATMS - Automated Traffic Management Systems

AWIS - Automated Work Zone Information Systems

DLMS - Dynamic Lane Merge Systems

ITMS - Intelligent Traffic Management Systems

PCMS - PCMS Tracking and Control Systems

PTMS - Portable Traffic Management Systems

RTTCS - Real-Time Traffic Control Systems

RTTMS - Real-Time Traffic Management Systems

SWZ - Smart Work Zones

TAS - Traffic Advisory Systems

VSL - Variable Speed Limit Systems

VSMS - Vehicular Speed Monitoring Systems

WZTMS - Work Zone Traffic Management Systems

Real-Time Work Zone Web Sites

TrafAlert Features

Award-winning TrafAlert makes it easy to manage work zones:

Anywhere Access

Big-Picture Graphics


Endless Flexibility

Full Device Integration

Instantaneous Response

Intelligent Automation

Seamless Public Advisory

Single-Click Ease of Use

Top-Notch Training and Support

Unsurpassed Reliability