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Video Vault

Save Time and Money With "Software-Free" Remote Surveillance
RTI's unique Video Vault software provides instant access to video images from any Internet-enabled computer or cell phone.
Maintain historical records of any project easily and affordably.

Fast Set-Up, High-Quality Images, and Reliable Performance

Portable systems can be deployed and set up on any work site quickly. High-quality still images and/or streaming video are captured and displayed in real-time.

Complete Internet access and management means there is no software to purchase or support.

Simply log onto a secure web site and view any activity for any period of time. The exclusive Video Vault interface makes it easy to view, print and save your images.

Video Vault installations come complete with:

  • A high-resolution megapixel video camera in a rugged outdoor enclosure
  • A remote wireless Internet connection to transmit time-stamped images to a dedicated, secure web server
  • Standard 15-minute storage intervals
  • An Internet link to the web server where images are stored
  • Access to the Video Vault web site where images can be viewed with zoom and pan capabilities
  • Video Vault color image printing
  • Video Vault image e-mail
  • Storage capacity for up to three years of images (15-minute intervals), with daily server back-up
  • Optional custom web page personalized with your company name and logo
  • Optional DVD containing a time-lapse video compiled from your stored images  (Click for sample)
  • Optional security surveillance package
  • Desktop or mobile web image access

Manage Projects Better

  • Follow the progress of ther project and control it from a remote location
  • Use stored images to facilitate the preparation of project team meetings
  • Multiple cameras on a project can provide a view of the project from multiple vantage points
  • Make better decisions with a more accurate picture of the project status
  • Have regular accountability of work progress
  • Confirm job activities against other reporting methods
  • Monitor materials delivery and handling
  • Monitor safety practices and compliance
  • Reduce job site equipment and material losses

Facilitate Project Coordination

  • Resolve disputes with archived images that show the state of the project at any point in time
  • Capture and e-mail images to provide a current detailed view of the project
  • Access images remotely at any time from any where
  • Deliver on-demand, executive level reports of project status
  • Improve understanding of the "big picture"

Enhance Customer Relations

  • Provide an undisputable record of milestone completions
  • Document work schedules and project compliance

What Video Vault Can Do For You

Reduce travel.

Reduce management time.

Reduce the number of on-site visitors by giving stakeholders access to project images remotely.

Enhance staff training using the archived images from the project.

Use image records from prior projects to help fine-tune bid preparation on future projects.

Expand the scope of projects that can be monitored from a central location where a central control team with central decision making power.

Spend less time compiling status reports for stakeholders when they have access to stored images.

Use a single project image or time lapse movie of the project for marketing.

Showcase signature projects.

Obtain compelling videos for your public web site.

Make an impact at client presentations and trade shows.

Demonstrate your capabilities, methods and results.