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Real Time Work Zone Website

Put a Real Time Web Site to Work For You

RTI is a pioneer in integrating real time traffic information with public advisory websites.

Since 2001, RTI has developed specialized TrafAlert web sites or integrated real time traffic data into existing websites.

Real time traffic websites go a long way in providing motorists with up-to-the-minute traffic information.  And, they integrate seamlessly: you do not need to commit staff or management time to maintain them.
TrafAlert's robust software is designed to make real time information available through many sources, so internet access and integration is a key feature.
Every TrafAlert system can accommodate both public internet access and private, secured access for remote control.
For public sites, the information is integrated with the design and feel of your own website.

Woodrow Wilson Bridge Reconstruction Project

In 2008, RTI created and hosted the real time traffic conditions web page for the award winning Woodrow Wilson Bridge Reconstruct on Project web site. The page is custom designed to coordinate with the project site, with a dynamic map of the project area showing color coded traffic speeds, live camera images, current changeable sign messages and current variable speed limits.  The site provided motorist information on one of the most heavily traveled corridors in the nation.  To view an example of how this project's website looked, go to www.rtiwebs.com/rtiwebs/WWB/cms-conditions-rtt.htm.  As this project was completed in  February 2010, the site is no longer being updated.

Little Rock I-30 and I-40

Real-time work zone traffic conditions, sign messages, camera images and radio broadcasts from I-30 and I-40 near Little Rock AR were seamlessly presented on Arkansas Highway and Transportion Department's "Arkansas Highways" from 2003 to 2006.  The project is no longer active. For a historical view, go to http://trafalert.biz/Lonoke/CurrentTrafficConditions.htm.